Welcome to KURE: Picturebook Studies.

KURE: Koç University Picturebook Studies is administered jointly by the Department of Media and Visual Arts and the Design, Technology and Society Program. We are a group of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and artists interested in the production and research of picturebooks as well as the promotion of the love of reading. Our work at KURE is for the most part conducted in connection with Koç University’s Language and Communication Development Lab.

Illustration Project

Onmus, I. and Alaca I. V. (2017), ‘Illustrating migration in a crossover picturebook: A Long Way’, Journal of Illustration, 4: 1, pp. 51–75


Material, Spatial and Sensory Encounters with the Picturebook Object, 2017.
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Materiality of Books

Veryeri Alaca, I., Materiality in Picturebooks, The Routledge Companion to Picturebooks, edited by Bettina Kümmerling –Meibauer (2017)

Focus Section

(Guest Editors) Obaid, M., Veryeri Alaca, I. Wozniak, P. W., Lischke, L., Billinghurst, M., (2017) “Preface: Transforming Books and the Reading Experience through Interactive Technologies”, Interaction Design and Architecture(s) Journal